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January 16, 2008

cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere

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Last semester I made a silly bet with my friend Carrie (something about the color of our test papers), and she lost. The loser had to buy the winner a vegan cupcake from Tomato Head. (What else would you want to wager?)

All they had was red velvet, which I’ve totally had already, so she got herself one of those and bought me a vegan chocolate chip cookie:

It was huge, buttery, and tasty, and when Carrie raised her two fingers behind it, I was reminded of Evan’s bunny-eared cheesecake, with cute lil’ eyes and everything. Life is just cosmic like that sometimes.

I definitely mooched off Carrie’s cupcake, which only adds to the insane cupcake consumption of the past few days. I of course ate several of my mom’s birthday cupcakes, then a friend of mine recently brought cakes back from Babycakes NYC and gave a chocolate one to me! Am I lucky or what?


November 17, 2007

green sprout

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It would be hard (well, impossible in my opinion) to find anything in the ATL to top something like Soul Vegetarian, but I really liked Green Sprout tonight. It’s an all-vegetarian Chinese place, and they’ll veganize anything that you want them to. They have any kind of meat replacement that you could ever want (would you like some Curry Squid?), and that was new, because there are no restaurants like that that I have ever heard of in Tennessee. Atlanta is amazing! There have quite a few exclusively vegetarian/vegan places to eat, and even several 100% raw restaurants. (Wish I had come here when I was more adamant about that.)

The picture above is of some orange “chicken”, a dish I have been wanting for the past while because I hadn’t tried any since pre-veggie. While I thought it could have been orange-y-er and spicier, I still liked it a lot.

My mom ordered vegetable lettuce wraps with “chicken”, and we split the two dishes between us. I thought the orange chicken was better.

I’d never had bubble tea before, but the waiter assured me it was vegan (made with soy non-dairy creamer), so I ordered the mango version. My mom doesn’t care for the stuff, but I was really impressed! Nice and creamy, and even if the tapioca pearls don’t have a flavor, they make for really pleasant chewing.

November 16, 2007

soul veg!

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I am a soul veg.

This anemic picture does not do justice to the righteousness that it Soul Vegetarian’s “kalebone” roast sandwich.

Since today is the anniversary of my birth, and my mother was in Atlanta on a business trip, I made the three hour drive down there to spend the weekend with her. A quick poll on the PPK forums yielded the info that Soul Vegetarian is the place to be in the ATL, and since it’s just a few miles from our hotel, we gladly made the tripto the cozy little place. (I think Atlanta is actually where Soul Veg originated. Am I right?)

The top of their menu reads: All of our dishes are 100% vegan. Never, in the past four years, have I been able to look at a restaurant menu and be overwhelmed by the fact that I can order anything I want. It was a cool feeling, for sure.

I ordered the “kalebone” roast sandwich, a weird name because it’s actually seitan and there’s no kale in it. This was my first experience with seitan, and it was really wonderful. The roast was tender but also pleasantly chewy, and lightly seasoned. The sauce on top was garlicy and smooth and uber-creamy. The bun it was on even tasted amazing! The way it all tasted together reminded me a bit of turkey and stuffing. It came with a side of Hebrew Bakes (potato wedges) and a small salad that had an awesome tangy tahini dressing. This meal was so divine, the best one that I can remember having in a long time. It was even better than Woodlands. It was total soulful comfort food. I left perfectly satisfied but not overfilled at all, and I actually felt euphoric. I guess wonderful food will do that to you. If you’re a food freak like me.

Thanks to everyone on the PPK who recommended Soul Vegetarian!

Can you say “happy plate”?

November 11, 2007

the best meal in nashville

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The Black Bean Salad from Calypso Cafe. Thick, lightly seasoned black beans, wild rice, fresh diced tomatoes and red onions, all on top of bright green leaf lettuce with tortilla chips to garnish. What makes it totally lush is the warm, spicy, drool-inducing (literally) BBQ sauce on the side. It’s probably not the kind of BBQ sauce that you would expect: it’s not thick or smoky. Rather, it’s this really tangy, citrusy tomato based sauce with lots of spice (probably red pepper) and a little bit of rosemary. The photo above does not accurately depict all its gloriousness. I have had this salad many times over the past couple of years (I went weekly during my last year of high school), but I can’t ever bring myself to order something else at Calypso. And, in case you can’t tell from the pic, it’s ginormous, but I almost always clean my plate. It’s healthy, but so filling. There are about four different locations in Nashville, so if you’re ever in town, please please look them up.

November 10, 2007

woodlands indian cuisine

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Since I didn’t post yesterday, this will be one of two.

This is the best Indian food I’ve ever had in Nashville (and since I don’t eat Indian often, it’s the best I’ve had ever). Indian food can be really heavy and greasy at times, leaving me with an upset stomach. Woodlands, however, was perfect. I went there last night to eat dinner (an early birthday celebration, my real one is Nov. 16) with my family and boyfriend. But this is a place that you could go to more than for occasions; the food isn’t expensive, but you still feel like you’re getting treated to something. The server was so great; I explained to him that I didn’t want any dairy or eggs in my food, and he said in his thick Indian accent, “It’s no problem, no problem!” They’re very vegan friendly.

I ordered a kadai bhendi curry (okra curry) with rice and some amazing naan. What could be better than the best vegetable cooked in one of the world’s best styles of cuisine? And the naaaaaaan… is my favorite part of the meal. Even my dad (who hates curry) found something to enjoy. That pleased me. And my boyfriend loves Indian, so he was happy.

I got some very cool presents, like a slingshot organizer and an electric water boiling kettle for my dorm. Cool gifts + delicious Indian + happy family = good birthday.

November 6, 2007

veggie burger from Sunspot

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half-eaten goodness

Whoo, today was so busy! (I tried the maca but didn’t notice a difference in energy. But I’m so mellow; coffee doesn’t affect my energy, either.) I woke up at 6:30 to get to my 8 o’clock class, and after that I went straight to work for 7 hours. Then I went to my other class, and theeeeeeeeen I went to Sunspot restaurant with my two vegetarian friends that I met at the potluck the other night, Sara and Patrick (actually, one is vegan and the other is a veggie-friendly omni, but whatevuh). I had the “Solar Flare”, the house veggie burger, with some steamed broccoli on the side. The burger had flecks of black bean, rice, some southwestern spices, a little onion, and maybe some sun-dried tomato. Your basic, yummy veggie burger. 🙂

Tomorrow I will get to do some actual baking; I can’t wait!

November 3, 2007

Tomato Head’s red velvet cake

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The picture quality is poor, but I knew this cupcake wasn’t going to live to see the morning light.

Tonight was First Friday in Market Square, so I rode my bike down to see the sights, but mostly for a cupcake. The Tomato Head is a really vegan-friendly resaurant in Market Square, with awesome salads and pizza, and among their various baked goods they always have one vegan cupcake option. I had never tried one before, so I got a red velvet cupcake with vanilla frosting to go and precariosly packed it into my basket so the frosting wouldn’t get smashed on the way home.

I’m not generally a huge fan of red velvet cake (neither red nor velvet are flavors! And food that color is just off-putting), but I enjoyed this cupcake. It could just be due to the fact that I’m a sweet fiend, but whatev’s. The cake was mildly chocolatey with a tiny bit of cherry flavor. Do all red velvet cakes have cherryness? The frosting was thick (in a good way) but it could have been smoother. I think I should try making red velvet cake myself and see if I like it better that way.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it.

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