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December 6, 2007

mac and cheeze

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This was my first experience with making vegan cheeze, as well as my first nutritional yeast (nooch) experience. I wish I dould say it had gone better. This recipe (for Melty White Cheeze) is from Vegan Vittles. All in all, it came out a bit bland. It smelled of nooch when it was cooking, but the flavor of it was completely lost. Part of that is my fault: I added 1/4 t. of turmeric to the sauce to make it an orange color, but the spice ended up overpowering all the other flavors. And turmeric is not a potent spice. I’m actually getting kind of wary of that whole cookbook. I’ve made some good marinated grilled tofu and some good Hungarian mushroom soup out of Vegan Vittles, but the desserts I’ve made from it (chocolate cake, banana bread, oatmeal cookies) have been a little off, either being dry or not sweet enough. While I greatly appreciate that it is a purposefully health-concious cookbook, I want the food to taste great, too!

I guess I’ll be looking elsewhere to satisfy my mac and cheeze cravings… Don’t know where, though.

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