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November 25, 2007

snobby joe(s) with polenta

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It’s 1 AM. I’m gonna get today’s post over with.

Here you have the Snobby Joes filling from Veganomicon (coincidentally, this is one of the free recipes offered on the PPK website, hmm…) atop some plain, salted polenta. I feel like I can’t really call this snobby joes (plural), because it’s just the filling, no individual sandwiches involved. Right.

I would definitely recommend this recipe. Low fat, gluten free, and really high in protein, fiber, and iron (thanks to the lentils), this dish has a lot to be snobby about. Of course, you should ignore all the afore-mentioned wholesomeness and eat it because it’s thick and spicy and tastes so good. It has a notable 3 tablespoons of chili powder in it, and while I never thought chili powder to have that much heat, the large amount of it in the joes definitely gives the recipe a smokiness and subtle spiciness that lingers in the back of your throat. I think I also loved it because, paired with polenta, it makes my ideal comfort food: thick, mushy, spicy, and filling. I would also suggest drinking a glass of soy nog after you finish eating this, that would make everything better. If you have lentils, tomato paste, tomato sauce, and oregano somewhere in your kitchen, chances are you have the rest of the stuff to make this dish. (Psst! I used molasses instead of maple syrup, and it worked great!) You should totally go make some.

I also made some tasty chocolate chocolate chip cookies (gluten-free) before I went to see friends, but the pictures were ugly so I’ll spare you.

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