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November 18, 2007

discovery, will robinson!

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So I had just got back home from Atlanta and was taking all my stuff from my car to the room. I was walking past some apartments that are right behind my dorm, when what do I spy? International Jerusalem Market! An on-campus international market?! How did I not know of this for the past 3 months that I’ve been here? I totally flipped out. The only other two international markets I know of (Mexican and Indian) are 3 and 7 miles, respectively, away from me. Finding this place was amazing! The tingly sensations inside of me only increased when I explored the treasures hidden  within:

Pictured above are: a jar of date syrup; lots of different bulk spices, and all-natural “falafil” mix. There were so many other wonderfous new things, like authentic whole-wheat pita bread, tons of different dried legumes and grains (some of which I have never heard of before), preservative-free figs, jugs of extra virgin olive oil, weird canned commodities, different sweets and cookies, and big 4.25-lb. aluminum cans of solid palm fruit oil, sitting next to cans the same size full of ghee. And much much more. It’s full of bizarre Middle Eastern charm and wonderfulness. I can’t wait to go buy stuff!


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  1. well, if you’ve only made it to the indian market one (and i’m not even sure which one it is you’ve made it to) and a mexican market (and again, there are so many), then you’re missing out–at least–on the three asian markets.

    any drive down sutherland should be interrupted by stops at both holy land grocers, which is another middle eastern market, and the oriental supermarket, the shelves of which are so narrow and piled so high with stuff that it can be a bit intimidating to go looking for a single thing. plus, they sell great, cheap homemade kim-chee in bell jars. further afield, there’s the asian farmer’s market, which is next door to barnes and noble, and the other asian supermarket (i think it starts with a d [?]) that’s across from kaya korea, this pretty good korean right next to west town mall. (careful, though, because they always really want to say something is veg and then put, like, dried shrimp into the soup broth or something. the best thing to order is the tofu bulgogi; it’s not on the menu, but they’ll adapt the other bulgogis to suit you. my favorite things, though, are all the [free!] side dishes that come with every meal–kim chee, marinated bean sprouts, marinated yams, and marinated cabbage.)

    Comment by thomas — November 24, 2007 @ 5:13 pm |Reply

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