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November 17, 2007

green sprout

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It would be hard (well, impossible in my opinion) to find anything in the ATL to top something like Soul Vegetarian, but I really liked Green Sprout tonight. It’s an all-vegetarian Chinese place, and they’ll veganize anything that you want them to. They have any kind of meat replacement that you could ever want (would you like some Curry Squid?), and that was new, because there are no restaurants like that that I have ever heard of in Tennessee. Atlanta is amazing! There have quite a few exclusively vegetarian/vegan places to eat, and even several 100% raw restaurants. (Wish I had come here when I was more adamant about that.)

The picture above is of some orange “chicken”, a dish I have been wanting for the past while because I hadn’t tried any since pre-veggie. While I thought it could have been orange-y-er and spicier, I still liked it a lot.

My mom ordered vegetable lettuce wraps with “chicken”, and we split the two dishes between us. I thought the orange chicken was better.

I’d never had bubble tea before, but the waiter assured me it was vegan (made with soy non-dairy creamer), so I ordered the mango version. My mom doesn’t care for the stuff, but I was really impressed! Nice and creamy, and even if the tapioca pearls don’t have a flavor, they make for really pleasant chewing.

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