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November 10, 2007

where’s the love?

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I had such high hopes for this cake.

I love baking: you take flour and sugar and other humble elements, and something gorgeous emerges. Everybody’s really inpressed, and you feel special because you made something vegan and sweet and delicious. So, I wanted my (early) birthday cake to be really special. I wanted to veganize a recipe, so I searched online until I found a sexy, fattening recipe for vanilla cake on the website for Country Living magazine. Then I decided to change a recipe for chocolate cream cheeze frosting at Paku Paku to make it strawberry cream cheeze. It was gonna be so sweet and smooth, a perfect birthday indlugence.

As you can see from the pics, not so. It was so disheartening to see how the middle fell completely, pretty much as far as gravity would allow. When I tried to turn it out onto the cooling rack, it crumbled. Then the frosting was way too thin; I think the strawberry preserves added too much liquid. I’ve made good vegan cakes before; I guess I just didn’t realize that this recipe didn’t have what it takes. And that I still have a lot to learn about vegan baking.

At least it tastes delicious. I made a trifle out of it.

Sometimes, you put so much love and affection into a recipe, but you just don’t get back the lovin’ you deserve. What a disappointment.

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  1. hey there!
    you have to be careful with cream cheeze frosting as you discovered! especially converting the chocolate cream cheeze recipe, the chocolate is melted and stirred in and then firms up (like a chocolate tofu mousse) to give structure. you would probably have done a bit better adding strawberry into a buttercream recipe… anyway, i was glad you went the trifle route, the whole time i was reading i hoped you didn’t throw it out, i was saying “trifle! trifle!” over in my head. yay!

    Comment by kittee — November 14, 2007 @ 10:20 am |Reply

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